Cut Art

There are some amazing papercut artists around at the moment… here are some of my favourites…

Papercut by Hina Aoyama

I have only just discovered Hina Aoyama, a Japanese artist living in France, and am just amazed at her work. The cuts are so fine and delicate, all cut with a tiny pair of scissors. They exude a certain stillness around them when you look at them – a similar example of what I was talking about last week, how somehow, the energy present in the making of something seems to be retained in the thing itself once made. Here are a couple more..

"La Femme" Hina Aoyama

"Binpapi" by Hina Aoyama

"Avion" by Hina Aoyama

º          º          º           º           º           º

Another artist that I particularly admire is Beatrice Coron. Beatrice is a French artist, living and working in New York. Much of her work is made from Tyvek, a synthetic material, but she also makes site specific work in other materials such as aluminium. Her work is very different, almost storytelling, picture book like. Dive in here.

Beatrice Coron

Dont you just love these little scenes? They are so lively and energetic.

Beatrice Coron

Beatrice was recently involved in an interesting project, to create a series of decorative arts in metal, rubber, acrylic, papercutting and paints commissioned by Blue Sea Development Company for “The Melody”, a cooperative development of apartments in the South Bronx. The works aim to celebrate the areas musical legacy.

The Melody, stairs decoration, Beatrice Coron

The Melody, 2011, metal decorative works by Beatrice Coron, 853 Macy Place, The Bronx, commissioned by Blue Sea Development.

"The Melody" 2011, metal work for fences and balconies, Beatrice Coron

Rubber Mats, "The Melody" Beatrice Coron

º          º          º           º           º           º

My brother and his wife are due to have their second baby this month, and so I thought I might use these inspirations and try to make a gift for them. When their first little girl was born, I made a papercut for her, and so I thought I’d do the same again.

I made a papercut for my partners birthday last year, using the lyrics from the song “Forever Young”, which I think was originally written by Bob Dylan. I love the line “May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung” and thought the words were a nice wish for a newborn baby..anyway so here is my effort – Please remember that I am just a beginner at this, and will never be as good as these people above…but I love experimenting! I’ve taken some photos along the way so you can see the stages. (You can see the pictures more clearly if you  click on them)

Stage one - drawing the template in reverse

Stage 2 - beginning to cut - I did the small feather details first before cutting out the bird, to keep the paper stable.

Stage 3 - getting there (shown here right way round) - the tension mounts, will I ruin it?!

The final picture!

Done! I may actually add her name and date of birth on the bottom when she is born..I hope that she will like it and be able to keep it throughout her life..

º          º          º           º           º           º

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